"Paul is an effective, motivating, selfless leader. He leads a team that maintains it's morale and commtiment to each other and the company in challenging times. His ability to discern unspoken customer needs and meet them is a hallmark of his work with customers. He sets a high standard of excellence with his own behavior."

"I would like take this time to recommend Paul Berte. During most of my time at Paradigm Engineering I reported directly to Paul. The dedication to the team is what stands out most in my mind. Paul was always going above and beyond the call of duty. One example of his dedication was if we needed help in the field he would get in the car and drive six hours to ensure that the customers expectations were met.   Paul is a great advocate for his team. He is a very good communicator and is very good at motivating the team during a difficult time.  
If the opportunity presented itself to work for Paul again, I would not hesitate. Should a situation come about where my company and his had the opportunity to work together, I would not hesitate to jump at the chance." 

"Having known Paul for more than 22 years, I can confidently state that no one in my mind holds a candle to his care for people, ability to inspire and motivate others, his determination nor his business savvy. Paul's leadership qualities includes a vast array of skills ranging from initiative and drive to passion and empathy. He thrives when the going gets tough and is very loyal to his company. Paul's follow-up skills are outstanding and he consistently exceeds expectations.

100 Executive Blvd Suite 204 Ossining NY 10523


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"Paul is extremely dedicated towards providing the best engineering services available. Explains assigned task clearly with detailed information. " -

"Back in 2005/2006 I worked with Paul  at another engineering firm. We are now in different businesses, in different states, but based on my experiences with the people of Fusion, they are the ones I would go to first for engineering and stormwater needs for any construction project in NY and surrounding states. They are service oriented, friendly, and knowledgable people who care about delivering results for their clients. You can trust them with your projects...they have your back."